Monday, November 12, 2012

Leo's nine-month well visit

I can hardly believe that Leo is nine months old now! He is growing up way too fast for me. He is crawling everywhere, cruising on furniture, climbing up stairs, pulling up to standing on everything, and even standing on his own for seconds at a time. I am really hoping that he doesn't start walking soon, but I think that might be wishful.

He had his nine-month well-visit on Wednesday, and he is a healthy boy! He weighed 21 lbs 7 ounces and is 29.25 inches long. That is 75th and 90th percentiles, respectively. Dr. Roberts said it is time to start switching to table food. We have already been doing that, but I'll do it a bit more aggressively now. Here is a silly picture of Leo with some corn-on-the cob. Leo tried brussel sprouts tonight and loved them. (Olivia, he, and I finished a quart of them by ourselves!) Leo is taking a bottle a little now, if he can hold it himself. He is good with a cup, too, so I am going to start phasing out the bottle. He only uses the bottle for breast milk, and the cup for everything else. I sincerely believe that he is good at a cup because he wants to be like Olivia. He is always trying to take her's.

Leo's sleep continues to be a disaster. Tonight, I am doing a shock and awe campaign. I decided today that I couldn't take it anymore. He wakes every 45 minutes throughout the night and naps. No, I am not exaggerating. Ask Nicholas. Since he bit me so hard on Friday that I bleed every time I nurse, and since it is extraordinarily painful to do so, I have given myself permission to wean him. I am not sure I am going to, but starting today, I just pumped. Once I heal, I'll decide what to do. But, my body is not a good pumper because I don't completely drain with the pump. My brain needs my baby. So, I might accidentally wean him if I wait too long. In any case, this evening, I've decided no more baby in my bed. So far, it's been rough. Leo has already thrown up in protest. Literally. Ugh. This, too, shall pass.

I know the last paragraph seems negative, but I want to finish with what a wonderful and happy baby Leo is when he is awake. He talks a lot. He says Mama and Dada and lots of gaga, dadadada, mamamamamama, bababababa, googoogooo. He laughs easily, loves to snuggle when he is tired, and loves to explore when he is not. I hate that he is growing up so fast!


  1. Nine months! What a beautiful baby boy... with teeth - ouch! I hope you heal quickly & your shock and awe campaign works. Keep us updated.

  2. Poor Mama! Hope things start going better in the sleep department ... every 45 minutes?! I get tired just thinking about that! Whew!

  3. The update is that the first three nights were total hell on both Mama and Leo. His will is SO strong. He cried a lot. I will not even mention how much. But the only thing he wants is me with him. He smiles when I come in the room. Night four is going much better. He actually fell asleep on his own with much less crying. After Tuesday, I decided not to wean him since that is just too much change all at once, and I felt like he was freaking out. So, for now, I am targeting feeding him every four hours. In the weeks to come, I plan to cut that down to once a night. Then night wean him. Ugh! Being a mom is tough when you have to make these calls!