Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dear Diary, 11/29/2012

Dear Diary,

Life is so busy that I hardly have time to write! Thanksgiving, the Auburn game, and Nicholas's birthday have all passed and I still haven't recorded them. The four of us had Thanksgiving here together. It was a beautiful day. I took the kids to the playground in the morning, and we had our dinner after their naps. On Friday, my parents, and Nicholas's brother and his friend came in for the Alabama/Auburn game the next day. We had dinner all together Friday night, breakfast at our neighbors' on Saturday morning, and then the boys headed to the game. My mom watched the kids while my dad and I went, too! Everyone except my mom left Sunday. She stayed a few extra days to visit and help me. I was able to get some shopping in, and Nicholas and I were able to celebrate his birthday sans kids, which was great! Thanks, Mom!

In other news, Olivia says hilarious things daily that get forgotten instead of written down. Leo continues to grow up too fast--he is standing on his own now and climbing up the only two stairs in our house! But, it is 10:53 at night, I'm tired, Leo will need me soon, and I'm not even sure where to begin. So, I'll post some pictures and be done with it for now. I promise (sort of!) that I will do better in the next moments of life.

Shopping for last minute things the day before Thanksgiving.

Helping with the pie crust.

The long-awaited turkey! It took a lot longer to cook this 11-pounder than I expected because I stuffed it, and that was my first experience stuffing a bird.

Sitting down to dinner at the not-much-used dining room table.

The view from the seats Dad and I sat in.

Olivia helping with ornaments. She LOVES the tree! We added a ribbon today that she chose from Hobby Lobby, and I think the tree is complete! More pictures soon!

Leo surprising me by climbing the stairs and sticking his fingers in the frosted cupcakes yesterday for Nicholas's birthday. What a mess!

Olivia being silly with her Leo.

Daddy and Olivia playing a game of Uno. So fun!

Leo has gotten over his fear of the big bathtub, so we are giving the kids baths together now, which is great since one of us can give the bath while the other cleans up dinner stuff. Olivia and Leo have a great time, too! Tonight, Olivia said, "I had a good time in the bath with my Leo!"

I had to take Leo to the doctor on Monday because he had been breaking out in hives every four to six hours since Friday afternoon when everyone came into town. It was strange. I am starting to think that it was not food related and not due to the cold that he has, which is what the doctor suspected but didn't really know. I am wondering if it is what one pediatric website suggested: stress. After all our company left, Leo's hives stopped. If they come back in a few weeks after eating more pumpkin cheesecake, I'll eat my words! Like Leo did today at the playground with a pebble. Yes, my son has a pebble in his body right now. After a call to the doctor, we've decided just to watch him. This, too, shall pass! Here he is eating black beans, just because he is adorable!


  1. I love you guys so much! I can't wait to see you at Christmas!
    Don't worry, life passes us all by, and there's no way to fully appreciate each moment. This post was great giving a snapshot at your busy and happy and full life!

  2. I like the "Dear Diary" format; it makes it even more fun. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time during the holiday and after.

    I think it is super cute that Olivia calls Leo "my Leo." :-)

  3. Sweet photos! Glad you are so happy :)