Saturday, November 10, 2012

With the grandmas!

While I was helping Stephanie at the hospital, the kids spent a lot of time with Nicholas's mom (Mutti) and my mom (Grandma Dorothy). I never get good documentation of this because I am not there and I don't think about it when I am. But, I know the kids had a great time with the grandmas, because that is all Olivia could talk about for days after we left!

With Mutti

With Grandma Dorothy

Olivia got to play with Craig and Abby one day, too, and I wished I had gotten picture of that because Olivia thinks she is just as grown-up as they are. I don't have to watch them constantly anymore. Olivia just goes with the flow. They came down the stairs with crowns/hats, jewelry, and swords singing, "We are ancient warriors!" It was super cute! I put Leo down for a nap in Luke's bed, and when he cried, Abby and Olivia came running in the room. Olivia said to Abby, "Don't worry. Mommy's got him." Later we went to pet goats and check out the chickens. Then we had lunch at Mom and Dad's.

It was really nice to get a visit with my younger sister Heidi and her husband Alex, too. One afternoon, we cooked/prepped several meals for Steph's freezer so that she would have something for the days when she is too tired/busy to cook. I appreciate that they helped with that and didn't just think I was bossy!


  1. You weren't bossy at all. I think the crock pot meals were a great idea. It was wonderful seeing you & the family.