Monday, September 5, 2011

First McWane Center trip

Olivia and I went to the McWane Center with our friends Leslie and Archer today. I'm tired, so I'm not writing much, but here a few pictures of what we did there. (It was a successful trip--no meltdowns or tantrums, everyone seemed to have fun, and Olivia slept on the trip home. Leslie wasn't so lucky with Archer. He seems to have an endless amount of energy, so he didn't nap on the way home.) Thanks to Leslie for driving and letting me park in their garage on this yucky rainy day, and thanks to Brandon for moving Olivia's car seat in and out of their car!

In the bubble area, Leslie and Archer made a bubble around themselves. Cool!

Olivia had a good time shoving the pins in while another little girl on the other side shoved the pins out.

This is our future archaeologist dusting for dinosaur bones.

We also saw all the fish, octopi, and turtles on the bottom floor; the big building blocks on the top floor; the water play area, the puzzles, the huge indoor "play place", and the rest of the dinosaurs. Lots to do there. Now, Mommy needs to sleep. Even with support hose, being on my feet wore me out.


  1. I wish they made "kids' museums" for adults b/c sometimes we want to play too! Looks like you all had a great time ... I love how serious Olivia looks with the pins ... it's hard work! :)

  2. The Children's Museum of the Upstate in Greenville has an "adults only" night once a year as a fundraiser. We just surreptitiously play when we're standing around and no other kids are playing with whatever exhibit...