Monday, September 12, 2011

Another week

It seems that another week has past without me posting. Nicholas was gone to Chicago last week to visit his dad (Grandpa Bill), and Olivia and I made it here on our own. I didn't get pictures of us here. We were doing the usual--playing, working, sleeping, eating, cleaning, learning, laughing, etc. Olivia has decided she wants nothing to do with the stroller anymore, which makes me very sad since I have enjoyed walking since I quit running in 2002. Now our walks are strolls with me holding dogs, pushing an unused stroller or pulling an unused wagon, and randomly holding Olivia's hand, carrying her, grabbing her before going into the street, or trying to cajole her to follow me.

Because Olivia is also not the best car traveler (what toddler is?), I ended up getting a babysitter for her on Saturday for the four hours I was gone to go pick up Nicholas from the airport. Caroline was the babysitter, and Olivia loved her!! Olivia didn't cry when I left or when Caroline put her down for a nap. I am thrilled and plan to book her once a month for a date night with Nicholas.

When Daddy came home, we got some videos of Olivia showing off her new Tasha (from the Backyardigans) doll. Thank you, Bill! She loves that and her leopard, which she made the moms next door hug and kiss. I wish I had that on film!! In this one, though, Olivia must have been really thirsty. Usually, she offers her dolls some milk before she has some.

Here is my girl walking her puppy. You may not be able to hear it, but she says, "C'mon, C'mon."

And some pictures of us playing outside as we do most evenings. Here is Olivia imitating Daddy doing a touchdown sign. So cute!!

Here she is running back to Daddy after checking out the lost frisbee in one of the perennial beds.

Here is Olivia twirling. She has at least three distinct dance moves: twirling, bouncing, and shaking, and will do any on command. The video camera's battery was dead tonight, so I didn't get any video.

Olivia giggles and giggles when you turn her upside down:

This is Olivia's "I'm going to tickle you!" stance. It cracks me up!

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  1. So much fun!
    Super congratulations for making it a week on your own. That's colossal! I still don't stay by myself that long when Tony's out of town. I'm very proud of you!