Saturday, September 3, 2011

Little baby post

Little Baby is kicking up a storm now. I feel him/her every time I eat now. The kicks are slight, but I know that will change soon. I can hardly wait for September 15 to find out the gender so that I can stop saying him/her when I refer to him/her.

Just to post my prediction, I think we're having a boy. Of course, I thought wrong with Olivia until just a few days before the ultrasound, so we'll see. I threw out my favorite boy name to Nicholas tonight and he wrinkled his nose, so it may prove easier if Little Baby turns out to be a girl, at least in that respect. And, then, Olivia would have a sister, which I have found to be really wonderful, especially as an adult. It would be so exciting to have a boy, though, since we have been inundated with pink stuff since Olivia was born. So...we'll just have to wait and see!

I'm feeling a bit less tired now, so I think I am in that happy part of pregnancy, which I believe lasts until about 28 weeks. I'm going to try to enjoy it and get as much as I can done, as I know the end is tiring, too.


  1. I hope it's a boy! I love my two!

  2. I thought you guys already had a name for a boy?