Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Starting to nest...

My appointment last week went fine. The baby's heartbeat was normal, my uterus size is measuring at the same week I am supposed to be, and blood pressure/pulse/heart rate/weight all looked good. I've gained four pounds so far, which is about the same as with Olivia at this time. I do have a varicose vein now, so the doctor gave me a prescription for support hose. I bought several pairs. Now I just have to force myself to wear them in this heat. Thankfully, small hints of fall seem to be appearing--cooler mornings and some early tree leaf changes.

Our next appointment is September 15, and we have an ultrasound then. If Baby cooperates, we should be able to find out the gender, so Nicholas and I are so excited. (I'm also excited because this is the one where they look at all the chambers of the heart, the parts of the brain, count fingers and toes, etc. It's a sigh of relief to know that everything is going well, and I hope we get to take that sigh then.)

I seem to be nesting a little. I am resisting cleaning out the guest bedroom closet or Olivia's closet until we find out the gender of the baby. If it's a boy, I can put a lot of Olivia's pink wardrobe in the attic for Heidi later on. If it's a girl, I'll be keeping those tubs out. But, until then, I have cleaned out a couple of cabinets in the kitchen, Nicholas's and my closet, and our laundry room/pantry. I feel less overwhelmed now that I have a few things under my belt. Hopefully, all will get done before Kraft Baby #2 makes his/her debut. We aren't moving Olivia out of the nursery before Baby comes, so we don't have a room to decorate, but I do want the closets and storage and bookshelves in the guest room to be mostly ready to hold Olivia's stuff so that the move will be easier when I have a three-month-old and a two-year-old. As the due date draws near, we'll be pulling out some things from the attic for Baby--the bouncer, the swing, the playmat, etc.

And not to leave Olivia and Nicholas out of the post...

Mom suggested I put up the Pack 'n Play that she left and put Olivia in it to play so that I could get some things done in short bursts. I thought that would never work, but it has! This has been our start to "play on your own," as the timer hasn't really sunk in for Olivia. She can only last 3-5 minutes without fussing for me, but it is definitely a start. And I am amazed at what I can get done in 3-5 minutes without Olivia hanging off me.

And just so you know, Olivia's hair is much longer than it looks. It can almost go in pigtails!!

This weekend, I got some shots of Daddy and Olivia together. She is becoming more and more "Daddy's girl".

Olivia is still my little helper in the kitchen, though.


  1. Already sharing your love of baking with her! Cute :)

  2. I'm glad you're getting stuff done! I alternate between getting lots done and moping because I'm not getting lots done...

  3. Christine! I found your blog on FB and am happy to find a fellow blogger! I religiously blog myself - mostly for out of town family - but find it somewhat therapeutic as well. Check it out: www.bamabrood.blogspot.com

    Btw, your daughter is PRECIOUS! Love that hair!

    Nice meeting you at book club and hope to see you soon!