Saturday, August 20, 2011

Small victories, new goals

So, better late than never...Olivia is off bottles totally. We went cold turkey the day my mom left (Tuesday). I didn't even have time to realize that I had already given her the last one. I switched out the nipples on four Avent bottles to the sippy cup "magic valve" and I give her a choice of cups when she wants milk. She looks through the cabinet feverishly for a bottle, but comes up with about five different types of sippy cups--straws, Nuby ones that she kind of bites on, regular Playtex sippy cups, and Disney princess ones without valves. She has no favorite now. It changes every time she wants milk or water. She still asks for a bottle, but she is drinking milk from the sippy cups. Not quite as much as with the bottles, but that's okay. She has been taking water and juice from a sippy for a long time now.

At Olivia's 15-month check-up the doctor convinced me to go cold turkey and just take the bottles away and also to do Ferber AGAIN. This is our fourth time, but getting up twice a night with her is doing me in since I am tired anyway with Baby #2. We started that Tuesday night. It was rough. I have been sleeping in the bedroom next to her's so that Nicholas can get some rest and we both aren't up all night. She still hasn't slept through the night, but last night was better--up at 3:30 and 4:00 for about ten minutes each time. I fell back to sleep in between. I'm hoping for a miracle tonight.

We had transitioned to one nap per day before Mom came, but we are back to two. I don't mind either way, I am just trying to figure out which is best for Olivia right now. I don't like to fight her to take a nap, but I also know that a rested Olivia is a happy Olivia.

New goal: getting Olivia to play by herself. Sometimes I feel like Olivia's personal circus for all the entertaining I do in a day. I get very little done, which leaves much to do after she goes to bed. Then I go to bed late, I'm tired the next day, the cycle continues. So, I bought a timer and I am going to start trying to teach Olivia to play by herself. I've heard that you can do this by starting to set the timer at one minute, put the toddler on a blanket with toys and the timer, and just keep putting her back on the blanket if she gets off until the timer goes off. You are supposed to walk away to emphasize this "play by yourself." Then add time to the timer as it starts to work.

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