Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"I do it"

Olivia's one "sentence" is "I do it." Here she is eating her own peach. She did not want me to cut it up as I normally do. She did not want me to finish peeling it. She did not want to sit in her high chair for her snack. She loves peaches, but I can see that my strong-willed child's strong will is really coming out now! I am choosing my battles. I figure if she doesn't want me to peel or slice it, less work for me!

Olivia is busy all the time. Today, she put some of her stuffed animals in the wagon:

And took them for a ride:

Later, we played with stickers and took a picture of Baby (notice I have peach goo on my sleeve and look exhausted, as usual):

I thought this was a cute picture of Olivia looking into the camera to see herself:

And she wanted to continue to see (notice the molars, which are all the way in, and the eye teeth, which are making their ways):

And sticker fun didn't end until Teddy was covered from top to bottom. Here is an "in process" picture:


  1. Awww! Look how big she is! She's really starting to look like you now with all that curly hair :) You're looking great too!!

  2. Yay, belly!
    At least you're still not too tired to smile... You do both look great.

    And we also have a thousand pictures and videos of John saying "Me see?"