Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Everyday Olivia

It's difficult to keep Olivia in the stroller or wagon anymore on walks. We always start that way, and usually end this way:

Today was UA's first day of fall classes, so I thought I would get a "first day of school" picture of Daddy and Olivia:

But, before Nicholas was off to school, Olivia, the dogs and I hit the playground for an hour this morning. Olivia's favorite was going down the big slide in my lap and sitting on the ground playing with pebbles. Next time, I'll bring "sand toys" for her to move things around with.

In other news, Ferber continues. Olivia slept through the night on the sixth night (Sunday night), but hasn't since. Last night, she was up at 8:30, 10:30, and 4:30. I think her teeth hurt.

A note for the Kraft side of the family. Olivia and I were at Target the other day and perhaps it was the first time since Olivia has been walking that we were in the women's clothing department. Olivia hid under a rack of clothes and laughed her little head off under there. I thought of the stories of Nicholas hiding from his Grandma Haaga under the clothing racks. Oh, Olivia is her father's daughter.

And today, I had started getting Olivia ready for her bath, and Nicholas wasn't home. She walked to our home office door, pointed, and said, "Daddy?" It kind of broke my heart. Luckily he was home soon after. He is usually there for bath and bed time.

On the baby front, I finally broke down and bought some compression pantyhose. It took me 15 minutes to get them on, but my legs are thanking me at the end of a long day of playing with Olivia and cleaning the house. The varicose vein issue is a bigger problem this go around, probably because I am carrying Baby #1 and Baby #2. Tomorrow I have my 16 week, 5 day appointment.


  1. I love the Target story! And the pic of little Olivia walking Puck ... cute! Miss you!

  2. Little rocks are the best! Like sand but not as difficult to clean up!