Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Other stuff Olivia is doing/saying/signing

I don't think that I have made a list yet of the signs Olivia makes. Here it is:

  • More
  • Eat
  • Thank you/You're welcome
  • Finished
  • Bed time
  • Hi/Bye
  • Music
  • Clean up
  • Milk

    Her vocabulary, recognizable to everyone is:

  • Mama
  • Dada/Daddy
  • Bubble

    Her vocabulary, recognizable to Nicholas and me is:

  • Bad dog
  • Bird
  • Kitty Kitty
  • Ball
  • Dog bowl
  • And there is probably more, but I don't have a running list going.

    Amazing (to us) stuff she is doing:

  • The other day, while standing in the kitchen getting Olivia's lunch ready, I asked her to go to her room and get a bib. It took a couple of minutes, but without ANY help or guidance from me, she walked through the dining room, through the living room, through the dog gate on her room, got a bib, and came back. Amazing!
  • She plays hide and seek on her own, without prompting from us. She goes behind a corner or a curtain and then runs out screaming. Then, of course, I chime in with, "Where's Olivia?" These videos are taken after the most fun was had, so they don't show the super enthusiasm Olivia has for hiding.

  • She picks up her clothes off the floor and puts them in the laundry basket before her bath. Every night, and she is SO proud of herself.
  • She washes her hands, with help to lift her up, by turning on the faucet, putting her hands in the water, and rubbing them together when I put the soap on.
  • Imitating, imitating, imitating. If I "holler yahoo" like one of her books says to do, she does, too. If I dust the furniture with a rag, she wants a rag and "helps" me do it. The other day when she had a reaction to getting sunscreen in her eye and we had to put eyedrops in her eye, she was okay with us doing so because Nicholas did it to his eye first. Then she got up and wanted to put eye drops in my eye and then Nicholas's.

    1. Awww ... she wants to be just like her Mama!

    2. You're on the road to having her unload the dishwasher by the time she's three!!! GREAT WORK!