Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Doing yoga

I've fallen pretty seriously out of my yoga practice...and my yoga studio was just bought out by someone I don't know. As if I have time to go, anyway, but...

So, I am trying to incorporate yoga into Olivia's and my day as often as I can. Today, wasn't exactly successful because Olivia only got one short nap due to the excitement of Mom's Morning Out, but here are some cute photos:

Seated breathing

Upward facing dog

Corpse pose

She also did child's pose and downward facing dog, but I didn't get pictures.


  1. I love this so I have gushed on my blog.


  2. So cute, Christine!! That is her favorite quilt, and we use it all the time! It is cute, the size is bigger than most baby quilts, so we can use it for playing, and Olivia always picks it out of the basket of blankets I have next to her bed!!

  3. I do corpse pose every night for like 7-8 hours.