Sunday, June 26, 2011

What Olivia's up to these days

A lot of photo/video moments have come and gone in the past few days. Some of them I missed are Olivia sitting with me among our blackberry and blueberry bushes eating the freshly picked, warm fruit....and then when we walked back down our hill, wanting to walk back up for more; me putting Aquaphor on Olivia's skin next to her lips because they are chapped from drool (I think she is teething) and her signing "Thank you"; Olivia putting away her folded bibs--a chore she always does, but I haven't got it on film yet; Olivia taking things to her daddy, two rooms away on command.

Here is one picture I did get. Olivia's hair is almost long enough for pig tails!! I am so ready for that. Here's the preview:

Here is a really bad habit. After dinner one night, Olivia took her spoon and launched it to the floor. Nicholas busted out laughing, so Olivia did, too. Here is the resulting cause and effect:

I barely caught the tail end of Olivia and Daddy sword fighting with fly swatters:

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