Wednesday, June 22, 2011

She's really walking now!

And she loves bubbles!

And, now that she's walking so well, the fountain park is even more fun! We had a play date with our friends Leslie and Will today. We had lunch at Chic-Fil-A and played in their "Play Place", then we went to the new cupcake place in town, and finally we hit the fountain park. Fortunately, Leslie brought some shoes that her 20 month old, Archer, had grown out of for Olivia. The shoes I brought were too slippery, and the Keens worked great! Even if they didn't match!

Will was super sweet to Olivia and held her hand in the play place to make her feel comfortable going up in the tube. I was there, too, but he coaxed her into coming up. He kept saying, "Baby Olivia, come on! It will be fun!" So cute!


  1. Adorable! She is getting so big. It is amazing how fast they grow up. Looks like you had a fabulous fun. You are such a great mom.


  2. I love how she walks back and forth through the shower of bubbles, giggling! Oh the simple joys of children :)