Sunday, June 19, 2011

A week of vacation (Part 1--Atlanta)

Olivia and I headed up to Atlanta on Monday to meet my friends Lisa and Jay from grad school. Olivia did surprisingly well in the car, taking a two hour nap and then singing with the Kindermusik CDs we had. We stopped once at a McDonalds and split a $2.99 chicken nugget meal with milk. She was mostly into looking at the other kids play on the "play place" thing, and eating a few chicken nuggets.

On Tuesday, while waiting for the Braves game, we sneaked off to the Aquarium, but didn't stay long because Olivia needed a nap. Unfortunately, we didn't make it back that day, so we paid a load for only about 30 minutes of looking around. But, Olivia did love the fish!

Then we went to the Braves vs. the Mets that evening. Jay's sister Jill also came with us. Jay and she could talk shop, while Lisa and I commented on how good the game food was. Olivia made it almost six innings (quick ones, with several no-hitters) before we went back to the hotel to go to bed and let the others finish. Olivia didn't sit still for long, we walked around quite a bit, so we didn't see too much of the game.

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