Friday, July 28, 2017

These days with Jason

Our days feel much, much different without Leo. Jason misses his playmate when I am doing chores and I miss my buddy while Jason is napping. Jason and I have been having at least one play date a week and try to do something special each day--playground, park, or library. I have been enjoying my extra Jason time!

Also I missed Jason's half-birthday! He was two and a half on July 20! He's talking so much, completely potty trained, knows some colors, counts a little, takes multi-step directions, and has a great memory! He can point out the hospital where he was born without prompting.

Here's a picture of him randomly falling asleep in the stroller when we took a long walk one morning. Good thing I brought a book!


Always fun to play in the front yard after the big kids go to school!!



Play date fun with Logan!

Park + splash pad!

Also, just in case anyone needs parenting lessons, this is how to get your kids settled down for bed:

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  1. Impressive that he is potty trained at 2.5! Go Mama! Love the giggles in the video too ... so sweet! I'm sure it's worth a few extra minutes of bedtime prep to hear such glee :)