Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Back into a routine

Nicholas is back from his July trips, the big kids are in school each weekday, and Jason and I are falling into a routine of errands, housework, my work, and play. All is good until track out in September!

Family meals are back! I feel like they took a real hit during swim season since practices were at 5:45 and meet check-ins were at 5. (Rosemary chicken and potatoes with fresh fruit and veggies.) Grandma Mae would be proud of the "fancy cups" of milk!

The nitty gritty: practicing even when you don't really want to--Saturday mornings and after school.

The boys are sleeping in the bunk beds most nights. Olivia sometimes joins them, but often sleeps in her own room since it is cooler.

Trying to stay organized, so we are setting out clothes for the week in these closet organizers and making snacks and lunches the night before. Olivia is able to sleep until 6:40 and be out the door by 7:05 this way!


Leo's lunch since lunchables went in sale 10 for $10!

And we are enjoying the good weather in August! Lots of outside and inside play!




This is Olivia wishing for a sister and Jason humoring her!


  1. I somehow missed this post. This is great. I'm going to have to remember your organization tips. Plus, I'm super impressed that Jason allows something in his hair. He'd make a cute girl.

  2. I love your organization!! Will have to try these ideas when Graham gets older. The glasses of milk crack me up ... impressive that you and Nicholas still like to drink milk for dinner too. Love that last picture! I'm sure all little brothers of big sisters end up in a tutu at some point ��