Thursday, July 13, 2017

First days of school 2017-18

Olivia started second grade on Monday, July 10!!



She had a great day and was happy 1) to have a desk that was just her's to sit at and 2) to be able to keep her library book at her desk to pull out when she finished her work! Our sweet girl!

Leo started kindergarten on Tuesday, July 11. That was his staggered entry day--each kindergartener goes just one day on the first week to get used to the classroom and be tested as a baseline for where they are. Leo was so nervous the night before after I put him to bed. He came into our room at about 10:30 and said he needed more hugs. He was afraid of getting lost there. After a rough night, he rallied and went to school without tears, but said he couldn't smile for the pictures.




Once we got to school, Leo pepped up at being in Olivia's old classroom with her kindergarten teacher.



I was a wreck that day after drop off (after reading the letter his teacher sent) and just wanted to be sure he was okay, so I was happy his teacher texted with a picture!


I am excited for another great school year for both of the kids!


  1. You have such sweet kids. I love how excited Olivia was. Oh the days of side-ponytails!
    Poor little Leo. I'm glad there was a sense of familiarity for him with Olivia's old classroom. I'm sure he's well into the swing of things now. The staggered start day is a smart one. I hope it worked out well.

  2. Oh my ... those photos of Leo look like mugshots! Poor thing ... I can feel his anxiety. Glad that everything went well and he was able to get settled in. I hope Mama is getting used to him being in school too!