Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Swim team 2017

Olivia had SO much fun this swim season! I cannot impress upon you how much she liked going to swim practice and meets. Two different moms commented to me this season on what marked growth Olivia had in her independence this season. She really has grown comfortable around her friends and coaches! Here are some pictures from the season:


Olivia and her buddy:



Miss Mary Mack Mack while waiting for their events.


The media teacher from Olivia's school came to one meet! The kids were SO happy to see him. (Olivia is the little head right next to him.)

Cheering on the last event: free relay

7/8 girls cheering on th coaches race 

Coach Nicole and Coach Chloe

Thankful for a great season! And thankful that Olivia doesn't want to attempt year round swimming. Summer swimming, with four practices and a long meet each week, is commitment enough!


Walking to practice:

Here's the link to the end of season slideshow for Bill. I can't imagine anyone else watching it.

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  1. Wow! That is hardcore that they swim into the night! Good for her for being so dedicated!