Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Track out ends, a visit from two Grandmas, and a trip to Germany

Seriously, the days are too long for me to even post about this. I'm exhausted with the cold that has turned to sinusitis and back to a cold two to three times in our house this month. I am OVER it! 

Olivia's first track out was underwhelming. Yes, we had a great trip to Indiana and Kentucky and at the tail end Grandma Dorothy and Grandma Clara visited us, which was a great visit! But the rest was filled with play time at home and getting over colds. Blah! As my neighbor pointed out, though, it's good to set the bar low! There are lots of track outs!

I got almost no pictures of the grandmas visit. Nicholas was in Germany for a conference, so I was burning it at both ends. I got way more accomplished with them here and the kids LOVE both Grandmas! I'm glad they came and I'm happy Nicholas had a great time!

Olivia tracked back in Thursday and has been doing great with being away from home all day, which is wonderful! I'm really proud of her! Maybe the semi-boring track out was well-planned!

Here are a few random photos from the past few weeks:

Olivia got her nails done for our special time over track out:

Trying to send love to Dad when he was stuck in Newark on the way home!

At Grandma Clara's suggestion, I broke out the pack and play and am using it on the first floor and the porch to give Jason a safe place for me to put him down. It's working for minutes at a time!

The kids' latest craze: speeding down our driveway across the street into the neighbors' driveway! Literally hours of fun!

Target with three is somewhat challenging, as I learned on Saturday.

The weather finally cooled off a bit!

And Jason enjoys standing now!

Olivia read to her preschool class over break and did a great job!

This is how you wait for the doc in the box at the Minut Clinic when you are a stay at home mom to three kids. Turned out to be the ninety minute clinic!


  1. You have been busy! I'm sorry you all have been sick. It's especially hard when mama is run down. You are doing an amazing job. Be proud of that. Ask for help when you can; it takes a village. :-)
    I love the little red hat Jason is in and Olivia looks darling reading to her class. I'm glad this track is going well for her. Perhaps the low-key track out was exactly what was needed.

  2. I hope you all are starting to feel better! Sometimes low-key is the way to go ... and it can be just as fun!