Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jason is nine months old today!

Jason is nine months old!!  Wow the time has flown! He is crawling with his belly off the floor a little bit, and army crawling a lot! He is pulling himself up and playing at the Lego table. He is eating all kinds of things, from mandarin oranges to apples slices to waffles. He drinks from a cup like a champ! He claps his hands. He's had several eight hour stretches of sleep, and some nights he's up every other hour. But we're getting there! I can see him turning from a baby into a toddler right before my eyes! We love this boy and get so much joy from his "mama mamas" and "dada dadas"!

His big play pen while the big kids play on the play set!

Eating, eating, eating!

And just a few of his eight months pictures!