Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The ups and downs

I'm really thankful for my babies and for getting to stay home with them. Even when that means wiping runny noses, holding kids up right, and just being there to encourage! Sometimes I have to remind myself of this when I get frustrated that I can't get anything done. It all seems to work out...eventually!

A couple of weeks ago we noticed a swollen area on Leo's neck. He had a cold and ear infection at the time, and though the pediatrician didn't think it was related we decided to watch it for a week. Last week was the recheck. The pediatrician sent us for an ultrasound that afternoon. The radiologist also wanted an x-Ray. Fortunately, it is not a mass and isn't cancer according to the radiologist that afternoon. He said it is a lipoma--a growth of fat cells. He also said they would do more images. The pediatrician is concerned about the placement of the area, so we are seeing a surgeon tomorrow and having an MRI next week. Hopefully, this will be treated easily.

In other news, Leo is speeding around the neighborhood on his balance bike! I see a big boy bike in his near future!

And after weeks of rainy Saturday's, Olivia had soccer again on Saturday morning. She had fun!
Here's a little video:

We hit the Durham Museum of Life and Science on Sunday! They had a new area open called Hide a Way Woods, and it was awesome!!

First old favorites!

Then the new stuff!

Plus a little getting "Into the Mist" at the end!

Leo likes helping me shop!

And it's so nice playing with the neighbors after walking home from school!! I love this neighborhood!


  1. That is weird about Leo. Hopefully it will be easily fixable! We'll keep you guys in our prayers/thoughts/crossed-fingers.

    I miss you a lot whenever you post these fun/busy posts!!!

  2. Poor little Leo. I'm glad it's getting sorted out. You are such a great mama, Christine. Seriously. Wiping noses is just part of that love and support that you provide.