Sunday, October 25, 2015

Leo's MRI

Leo had his MRI on Thursday. I was worried bout him not being able to eat after midnight, but we stuffed him full until he went to bed, warned him that he would not be able to eat in the morning, and then kept him occupied upstairs until it was time to go at 9:30.

This was Leo in the waiting area, not amused with any attention.

In the room, Leo did not want the marker--tape with a vitamin E capsule on it--on him. I ended up taking it off and asking the anasteciologist to put it on after he went to sleep.

They took him back while he was awake, and he was very brave. I couldn't go, too. After an hour and a half, they called me back and Leo was up and upset. Of course he was! He went to sleep without anything attached to his body, and woke up with three nodes on his chest, a blood pressure cuff on his ankle, and an IV in his wrist! It took a while to get him calmed down, but after he used the bathroom we were released. Leo was a little wobbly, but otherwise OK. He wanted a milkshake, but no other food.

The surgeon called after reviewing the images and said that it is just a lipoma as he expected. It doesn't go into Leo's chest cavity which is great news! But is does come close to his veins and arteries in his neck. Dr. Hoover still wants to do surgery, but Nicholas and I are going to ask him some questions before we schedule it. We still haven't been able to reach each other for long enough to get our questions answered. More on that later.


  1. Poor little tyke. I'm glad it wasn't as serious as it could have been. Yay for milkshakes after the fact. They make everything better.

  2. Poor guy! Keeping you guys in my thoughts.