Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The rest of 2014 and The New Year 2015!

It was SO nice to have Nicholas home from work Wednesday through Sunday two weeks in a row! Here are some more things we did--nothing super exciting, but fun, just the same! We have done a lot of playdough, science, hide-and-seek, scooting around the neighborhood, sidewalk chalk, etc., too, but I have been fairly lazy about taking pictures of our day-to-day!

Another trip to the Natural History Museum, and the kids were so cute eating in the "cafe" drinking their milk. This is as close as I could get to the cutest picture ever!

During a break in the rain, we headed out to a playground with "good" baby swings and a basketball court for using scooters on and playing basketball. Everyone wins!

These awful pictures are from a fun little place called Big E Bounce, where the kids played for 2.5 hours on the Monday before New Year's! It was wonderful!

A little quiet time with Daddy, who was showing Olivia some of the things his company does using their calendar as a visual.

Leo telling me about the baby in his belly, who he is planning to name Honey Bear.

Making our New Year's Eve cake! Ha! We did the count down at 6 PM and had the kids in bed by 8! I wasn't too far behind!

A little hide-and-seek Leo style!

And, seriously, lots of things got done while Nicholas was home: all Christmas decorations sorted, decluttered, and reorganized into matching gray and black tubs in the garage, the baby's letters hung up, Leo's star registry framed and hung, and this little project finally came together with the help from Daddy's staple gun!

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  1. There is a lot to love about this post. It's wonderful that you could get outside with the kids and do some of crafts around the house. The kids obviously love the scooters and the big bounce place.
    I love that you had a New Year's Eve cake. Why didn't I think of that?
    Your kids are as cute as always.
    Oh, and the hide-n-seek Leo style is hilarious.