Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Our baby has a name!

Nicholas and I finally decided on a name for our baby! He will be Jason Oliver Kraft, and I am SO excited to meet him. We chose Jason after MUCH deliberation because it is a Greek name, as is Nicholas, Leonidas, and Alexander--Leo and Nicholas's middle name. Jason means "healer" and every Jason I have ever known has been a nice person. Olivier is a name we both like that is similar to Olivia's name.

I ordered a monogrammed stocking for Jason, picked up letters for his wall, and ordered a tag for my necklace to make sure it was all set! I love them!

In other baby news, I am eight days away from my due date. Mom flies in from ND on Sunday, so I am hoping Jason waits until then to come. We had a scare on the 30th when I thought I was in labor with contractions starting around 4 AM that were 6 to 8 minutes apart, getting more painful and more frequent until I called in at 12:30 PM with them 2 to 3 minutes apart. Apparently I am the only woman to have contractions 2-3 minutes apart on a consistent basis, and NOT be in labor. I was pretty disappointed, but in retrospect, I am glad to let the baby grow more and let my mom get here before he makes his debut. Not to mention that the kids were pretty freaked out about spending the night somewhere else, and had disrupted sleep for days after that.

I am feeling pretty well considering that I am almost 39 weeks pregnant. I have good days and bad, and they usually seem to be correlated to the amount of rest I have had. Here's a picture of my VERY large belly! Jason is kicking me from ribs to bottom, so my only prediction about him is that he will be long! Leo did that, too.

 And I forgot to blog about the sibling class that we took the kids to at the hospital where I am to deliver. We did this 11/22/14, and this is one of the only pictures. But Olivia LOVED it and is now convinced that she will be swaddling and changing this baby's diaper! Ha! Well, you never know! He is the third child!


  1. Yay for a name!! I love the name up in his room as well as the tag for your necklace. That is so sweet.
    Also, I didn't even know they did sibling classes. That is a great idea! I'm glad they enjoyed it.

  2. You look great! And I love the name!

  3. love the name and you look fab!!!!!!!!!!!! :)