Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Mom came to help!

Sunday, January 11 my mom flew in from ND to be here when our new baby arrived! Thank heaven because I was getting so fat and grumpy that I needed all the naps I could get! Baby didn't come Sunday...or for more than a week later, so in the mean time, we did some fun things:

Lots of scooting on warm days:

 Playing baby... Leo was the big brother or the grandpa to Olivia's triplets depending on his mood! Grandma helped Olivia make blankets for her babies!


Some playground time:


On the 14th, after my doctor's appointment, I was convinced I would be having the baby the next day. Here's how excited I was! I went "galloping" around the block with Olivia, literally galloping like a horse. It didn't work, and I was fairly grumpy for the next six days!

On Monday, we went to Pullen Park for the last time pre-baby! Mom took some cute pictures of the kids and we had a nice day in the warm sunshine!

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  1. I had no idea that you went galloping around! I also like that the kids played 'baby.' Who know that Olivia had triplets: my goodness that's a lot of work!