Sunday, January 25, 2015

Jason's birth story

I had hoped Jason would wait to come until my mom arrived on January 11. And he did wait. And waited and waited. Several days I had contractions regularly down to three to five minutes apart, but they weren't accompanied by the other symptoms of labor, so I didn't go in for checking. On Wednesday, January 14, the day before Jason was due, I had an OB appointment. I was three cm dilated, 50% effaced, and Jason was in -2 station. The midwife thought I would not make it to my appointment the following Monday--they wished to see me in the office twice a week after 40 weeks to make sure Jason was tolerating the extended womb time well. I didn't think I would make it either. I was having contractions and had had a good day. That night I galloped around the block with Olivia, but Jason did not come...and did not come and did not come.

By Monday, I was extremely grumpy. Mom and I took the kids to Pullen Park and in the afternoon I had my OB appointment. I asked the midwife to sweep my membranes, which means separating the amniotic sack just a little bit from the uterus. She did, but perhaps not very well. I hear it is painful, and this was not painful. I asked her if she had done it, and she said, "I tried." She was a fairly small person, so I figured maybe she just couldn't. By this point, I was 3.5 cm dilated, 70% effaced, and Jason was in -1 station. She asked if I wanted to be induced, and I said, "Yes, please. First available." The first available turned out to be Tuesday, January 20 at 6:30 AM.

After tucking the kids in and getting myself ready, I was very thankful Grandma was here to take care of the kids! I couldn't sleep very well, but that was normal with this end of pregnancy. I woke at 3:30 with some bloody show and contractions. I was already in labor. Maybe the sweeping of the membranes did work!

By the time Nicholas and I checked in and I was hooked up to the monitor, I was having contractions about every five to six minutes. The midwife agreed to just break my water and try not giving me pitocin so that I could get up and walk without having to use the telemetry monitor on the baby. This worked. She broke my water around 9:45. I walked for a couple of hours being hooked up for about twenty minutes after walking and bouncing on the yoga ball for forty. By 12:15, I was 5 cm dilated and my contractions were painful and regular. I asked for my bolus of fluids at 12:30 so that I could potentially get my epidural by 1:30. I had hoped to be 6 cm by the time the epidural came because I didn't want labor to stall. By the time the anesthesiologist came in at 2:10, I was 7 cm dilated, Jason was at 0 station, and I was going through transition. It was very painful. I was shaking uncontrollably as if I was cold. My teeth were chattering. The nurses suggested checking me in case I was already 10 cm and ready to push, but the doctor said let's do the epidural. Bless him. He placed the epidural and gave me a first dose of medicine around 2:15. He had to give me another. I wasn't numb until 2:45. At that time, they checked me and I was 9.5 cm dilated. I think that if I had wanted to push, they would have let me. Instead, they suggested that I let the contractions push Jason down so that I wouldn't have to push a lot. At 4:15, a baby was born next door. About 4:30, the midwife came in to check on me and said Jason was almost crowning! That hour and a half with the epidural was wonderful! This labor was easier and less scary than either of my others. Without any pain meds and with pitocin with Olivia, I was exhausted. With Leo, I had an epidural near the end, but didn't enjoy it because his heartbeat kept fluctuating--due to the cord being wrapped around his neck twice--and they kept moving me and put me on oxygen. I was nervous and in pain since I could still feel the contractions. With Jason, I just relaxed for that 1.5 hours and then the doctor asked me to push. I pushed three times, and Jason was born at 4:42! No episiotomy and no stitches at all! She put him on my abdomen and I got to see my big, beautiful boy for the first time. He weighed 9 lbs 10 ounces, was 22 inches long, and his head circumference was 14 inches. He is amazing!

The midwife was super surprised he was as big as he was. She expected around 8 lbs! Ha! They had continually told me that, so that is what I was expecting, too. Nicholas cut the cord and held Jason. I got to hold him again before they weighed him. Jason nursed right away in recovery, and then they wheeled me to my room. I couldn't move my right leg very well for about an hour and a half after, but then I got up and got a shower. Nicholas stayed and helped me until around eight thirty, and then went home to relieve my mom. She was glad to see him!

I am so thankful for our healthy baby, our growing family, my mom's long stay so that she could help me before and after Jason was born, and for Nicholas's efforts on all of our behalf. He's been keeping everything together for us as we adjust to our final addition!

A few minutes old

Later on his birth night

One day old


  1. He's adorable! Glad this was the easiest labor of three for you :)

  2. I'm so glad things went well. Looking at those pictures, he is definitely his own little man - he looks different from your others. I can't wait to hold him!

  3. I love labor stories!!! So glad everything went well and that you are now a happy family of five! :)