Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

No traveling for us this year, and honestly, it has been nice to just be at home enjoying our new house and each other. Nicholas worked Monday and Tuesday, but has been home since, and I am SO glad he is. Unlike past years where he has to work even when he is off, this year, Nicholas has been able to play and participate in all the family activities. So, even though we haven't visited family, we've had a really happy Christmas.

On Christmas Eve we played in the street with other neighbors until it was time to come in for dinner. And we ordered Chinese and ate it on china in the dining room, so we felt festive! I think this might become a tradition! In addition, of course, to Nicholas reading "The Night before Christmas" to the kids before bed.

 On Christmas Eve, this is how Olivia left the mantel to welcome Santa.

And this is how Nicholas and I left the tree downstairs before heading to bed for our "long winter's nap." It looks like gluttony to me, but SO many of the packages were from Grandpa Bill and Tamara and Mutti. We made sure the kids knew which present came from whom. Only the ones in princess paper and Cars paper were from Santa, plus the workbench and telescope.

The kids slept until their clocks turned green at seven AM on Christmas morning, and then they woke, they were off and running! Olivia was VERY into opening presents. Leo was more into playing with the ones he could see and had to be coaxed into opening his presents!


We played outside on the scooters twice and later in the afternoon had a turkey dinner that was pretty low key--I roasted the turkey, but we had just green beans and stove top stuffing as sides! Ha! I liked this low-key approach to Christmas! I am going to have to remember that for years to come!

And later that evening while Nicholas was talking to his mom or dad, he broke out the telescope and the picture of the crescent moon was awesome!!


  1. Hair chalk, scooters, and Keurig, oh my! It looks like a great Christmas.

  2. Looks like a wonderful Christmas!!