Monday, February 2, 2015

Leo is THREE!!

Leo turned three yesterday, Sunday,  February 1! I cannot believe time has passed so quickly since his birth! Wow! And I thought Olivia was so grown up when she turned three. Leo is smart and clever and doing all the things three-year-olds should, but he is still my sweet baby boy!!

On Friday, we celebrated with a haircut and then Dad took the kids to Marbles:

On Saturday, we had a small party at an indoor playplace called BigEBounce that had a bunch of inflatables. For my sanity, we only invited our neighbors from two doors down who have kids the same age as our's:


On Sunday, we had a family party and opened presents:

Today, Leo is having McQueen cupcakes at his school with his friends.

And I am excited to get to post Leo's answers to his first ever birthday quiz!!

1. How old are you? 3
2. What makes you happy? Games
3. What is your favorite animal? I don't like animals. I like Cars.
4. What is your favorite thing to eat? Pizza
5. What is your least favorite thing to eat? Apple peel
6. What is your favorite thing to do? Play
7. What is your favorite TV show? Team UmiZoomi
8. What are you really good at? Running
9. What is your favorite movie? Cars
10. What is your favorite color? Orange
11. What is your favorite song? Oh, My! Oh, My! (It's a Kindermusik song.)
12. Who is your best friend? Danny
13. What do you and your Mom do together? Play kitchen
14. What do you and your Dad do together? Play the Cars Party Game
15. What is your favorite sport? Running
16. Where is your favorite place to go? Big E Bounce
17. What is your favorite book? If You Give a Pig a Pancake
18. What do you want to be when you grow up? Surfer

These are some quick facts about Leo:

  1. Leo loves to sing and dance. He sings Frozen music, he sings the blessing, and he can recognize songs without the lyrics.
  2. Leo weighs 36.5 lbs (90th percentile), is 39.25 inches (85th percentile), and has 20/40 vision, which is normal for this age.
  3. Leo knows all his letters and their sounds.
  4. Leo still isn't quite potty trained. :(
  5. Leo believes he can nurse Jason, and pulls up his shirt so that Jason can get milk. Ha!


  1. Looks like he had a great birthday!

  2. I remember with John, he slept, breathed, and lived Pixar's Cars for about a year when he was that age... John was also just barely potty-trained then, too, making the final transition.

  3. Happy 3rd birthday to your sweet boy! I love that he gets to do the quiz for the first time! :) And his answer "I don't like animals. I like cars." Perfection :)

  4. Yay Leo! He is such a big boy. I love that you include these questions for birthdays. It's fun to see their responses. Happy Birthday!