Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas activities

Leading up to Christmas, we didn't do as much as if I wasn't pregnant, but we did do fun Christmas activities that were fun for us and the kids!

We drove around to see Christmas lights using a map published by a local TV station. There were lots, and I only thought to take a picture at this one house that wasn't super impressive. But the kids LOVED going and got a kick out of the ones that were synchronized to music on a certain radio station. We went two nights in a row and saw some amazing displays!

Both kids had Christmas parties at school near their last day on the 17th, and I was one of the party moms for Leo's, but I have zero pictures from either. They both had a good time, though! Olivia received a little plastic pipette from her science teachers, and thought this was a WONDERFUL gift! Olivia and Leo have been asking to do science almost everyday since! Ha!

I received my major Christmas gift early--these counter stools--and I love them! They make mornings easier, I love the way they look, and I love that they wipe clean! And the kids loved jumping on the packaging material, using it to make a "pond" to jump into, and pretending other silly things, too!

I did lots of baking leading up to Christmas. I attended a cookie exchange with the neighborhood ladies on the 19th, and came home with 4 dozen yummy cookies in exchange for the 4 dozen molasses cookies I made. We also made monster cookies and chocolate covered peanut butter balls for friends and family. Yum! If Baby #3 is ten pounds, I am blaming the holidays! Ha!

On the 23rd, my friend Lisa from graduate school came over for the afternoon to help us make sugar cookies! We had lots of fun and these were the cookies we ended up leaving for Santa...with hot tea in a china cup, of course!

And the fancy is rubbing off! Leo now loves to sip his apple juice from a crystal cup! Ha! Grandma Mae would be so proud!


  1. The counter stools do look nice there. What did you do with your old ones? Oh the peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate look amazing! And, Leo looks darling drinking from the crystal -- two hands & careful.

    1. Our ones that we had from the old house were bar height, and therefore didn't fit at our counter-height counter. We gave them to the Goodwill after moving them here. We had broken one, so we only had two left anyway.