Sunday, December 7, 2014

Olivia's Christmas Play

Olivia's preschool had their non-traditional telling of the Nativity Story on Tuesday. I LOVE that they allowed each child (3-5) to choose his or her own role with no regard to multiple people wanting the same role. Olivia finally got her wish to play Mary. She's been yearning for that role for two years since she started having Christmas plays. She also told me on the way there that she was super excited to go on stage first and to get to remain there even after everyone else was leaving. She thought everyone would still be "snapping pictures of me!" Ha! She cracks me up! Here are the highlights:

Olivia with her swaddled baby!

Olivia and the Mary closest to her are good friends and held hands during much of the performance!

She really had a ball and continues to tell me, "I wish we had a Christmas play every night!"

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  1. Such a sweet little Mary! Looks like she took her role very seriously!