Thursday, October 16, 2014

October Indiana Trip

The kids and I made the trek to Indiana last week to visit family. I was also carrying a van load of girl clothes to store at Steph's in case another girl enters the family, and planning on bringing home a van load of boy clothes and baby stuff from Heidi since Leo's clothes have been passed down through Luke and Isaac and added to most generously!

We headed out Thursday morning at 5:15. Nicholas helped me carry the sleeping kids to the car. As we buckled Olivia in, she said smiling, "I've been waiting for this! We're going to Aunt Stephanie's!!" Leo was totally up then. As we pulled out and the full moon shone on us, he said, "Look at the sun!" I told him it was the moon. Then he whispered to Olivia while gazing at all the street lamps in our neighborhood, "Look at all the moons!!" The kids didn't go back to sleep until that evening at 9 PM. Incredible, because I could have gone back to sleep! But, I digress....

The trip went smoothly. The first night we played outside and, as usual, the kids got along great!

The next day we hit the zoo, which was decorated for Halloween. The misty weather kept the crowd away, and our timing was perfect as it started raining as we left. The kids had a blast!

Soon after the last picture in the series below, the gorilla banged the glass where Olivia's hand is. She didn't like that, and we hit the road!

We got to see them feed the polar bear cub in the latter picture!

The lorikeets are always a hit!

Leo LOVES his cousins! So does Olivia, of course, but I felt like this was the first trip Leo was so vocal about loving both of them. It was precious!

I got a nap that afternoon, which was glorious! Then more playing, of course! 

Saturday morning we played with Mutti and Uncle Chuck. The kids, again, had so much fun. This was the first time that Olivia was super into Uncle Chuck, and my she was! They really had fun playing, which was great for me since I was definitely slowing down by then. Their favorite game was "Tickle Tunnel," which the adults agreed looked like torture!

Mom and Grandma made it in from ND Saturday night. They had been delayed two days due to bad luck with their truck, and they were hauling horses to winter in Indiana, so the drive was not easy. But, Steph's mother-in-law Cindy, who is an angel, made us dinner for the second day in a row, so Mom and Grandma were greeted with delicious roast beef and green beans from her garden. Yum!

Sunday, we played around the farm, and since I wasn't feeling well, I took two naps. Although I missed the pumpkin painting, the playing on the hay bales, and the horse back riding, I was there for playing "show cattle" in the new show barn, for digging sweet potatoes, for swinging and playing in the backyard, for playing in the kids-built fort, and for roasting marshmallows on the no-good fire that I helped build! We really did have a blast!

We headed out on a stormy morning at about 5:30 on Monday. The storm plus the dark seemed to help the kids sleep, and Olivia slept until almost 7:45! Leo slept part of that time, too. The trip home is never as easy as on the way there, but we made it in about twelve hours. The mountains in West Virginia were gorgeous with color as we drove through. The stops became longer the longer we are on the road, but all in all the kids did really well. I even got some pictures of them smiling at the last rest area.

I do not envision myself making that trek with three kids four and under, so I think it might be a while before we get back. Maybe in the summer....

Until then we have lots of fun memories!! And a big house here in NC to hold visitors!


  1. You are so brave even making the trip. It looks like it was a wonderful time, though. I'm glad you had at least a few naps in there.

    I love the 'many moons' comment and that Leo was able to express himself so well with family affections.

  2. Looks like a fun trip! Wish I had been around to meet up!