Friday, September 26, 2014

What else we've been doing (in pictures)

The kids LOVE Marbles, the kids' museum in Raleigh. And they love it even more when I take them after school so that the crowd is small! Here are two trips of pictures...the latter from "Twilight Thursday" when the museum stays open a bit later and Daddy joined us.

Their two favorite exhibits are the power exhibit (sponsored by Nicholas's company ABB) and...

the exercise exhibit! Leo was literally on that surfboard for fifteen minutes straight!

I see a toolbench in our future for Leo!

Playing hockey with Dad since Mom is too fat!

Every morning, Leo helps me pack everyone's lunch. This morning, he said, "I want a wholesome lunch," and proceeded to put holes in his bread. That kid!

We walk the 3/4 mile to the park next to us in the afternoon when the weather is good and I am feeling well enough. Olivia just conquered the rock climbing recently!

Leo and I often go to a playground on our own on the days when Olivia is in school and he isn't. I think he likes the Mommy time, but he misses Sis, too!

This is Olivia drawing Daddy's work. Ha!

We met Daddy at the mall this week for lunch. They had a little play area the kids enjoyed! It was kind of strange, I thought!

Nicholas came home from work early yesterday because he went in so early, and played soccer with the kids at the afore-mentioned park.

In the afternoons, Olivia often gets into her pajamas for "quiet time" and doesn't take them off. I know this is because she dresses so fancily to school that she is uncomfortable when she gets home, but she would never admit that to me! We've been doing a little Halloween decorating! (See the painted magnets in the foreground. The kids proceeded to stamp all over themselves, of course!)

Plus, we had to bake a "Halloween cake" the next day. Olivia was proud of her design!

And I wish I had taken a video, but the kids are getting along SO WELL! And coming up with THE FUNNIEST activities! They often are astronauts and play in the top bunk of Leo's bed, they play baby in our bedroom, and here they are having a Halloween dance contest while I was making dinner! Ha!

A big shout out to Mutti for the Halloween decorations!! Olivia LOVES opening that box! When I got this kitchen towel out, Leo shouted, "Look! Astronauts!!" Ha!

Oh, these days are going by fast!


  1. Things I love about this post: Leo surfing like he did on the coffee table at the beach, that your museum has an 'ice' hockey rink and that Nicholas looks like he's getting into it, wholesome lunch - ha!, that you are doing Halloween stuff in late Sept (cake and decorations!), face stamps, and dancing. Umm, so I think I just like the whole post.

  2. Looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun!