Thursday, September 11, 2014

The first week of school

On Monday the kids went back to school! The pre-going-to-school pictures were a hoot. Olivia picked out her own outfit and hair style and was proud of them! We bought that dress on clearance at Kohl's and she thought it was perfect! Ha! Leo, on the other hand, would not put on the "Boy Genius" shirt I had planned for him that I thought he would love because it had a cartoon character he loves on it. He insisted on wearing "an orange shirt." And he had to be bribed with a jelly bean to get a picture with him looking at the camera. That boy!

Olivia and Leo did FABULOUSLY at drop-off! Olivia gave me a high five, told me she loved me, and went it. Leo hugged me and was ready to play trains! It was wonderful to have a couple of hours on my own to work! Their programs are 9:15-12:15. Olivia's is five mornings a week, but Leo's is only two. That's why I have a babysitter for him one more morning a week so that I can work. My afternoon twice a week babysitter quit because she made the soccer team. The kids have been going through so much change that I am loathe to go through the babysitter-interviewing process again. The sleep disruption alone makes me cringe to think of we are getting by.

Olivia was happy at the end of the day Monday. She said, "I had so much fun that I didn't even have time to miss you, Mom!" But Leo was done and the teachers skipped the pick up line to bring him to me before he completely melted down. Olivia continued to do great at drop off and pick up the whole week, has told us lots of fun things they have done--used pipets in science class, rang bells in music, shared their family placemats we did as homework ahead of time, played with a different toy/activity set out on their tables at the beginning of each day, worked on lots of learning activities involving writing and drawing--and has brought home lots of stuff to prove it! I am impressed with how well she is doing with the five morning a week schedule.

Leo has had a bit of a harder time. Wednesday he had to walk into a classroom full of crying kids, which set the stage for a bad day. His teachers said he rebounded after about an hour and a half of being sad and refusing to play or crying. I am really hoping that next week goes better. Leo's sleep has been very, very bad since Sunday, too.  (It was only very bad before that.) That is probably part of the reason he didn't have a great time Wednesday.

Leo also has had a bit of a hard time when Olivia goes to school and he doesn't. (I TRIED hard to get him enrolled more than two days, but they won't do it as the two year old classes meet two days a week and they wouldn't let me put him in both.) Today he said several times after dropping off sister, "I miss my super girl. I am Super Man and I call my Olivia Super Girl." But, I think he has enjoyed some Mama time doing Legos and hitting the playground.

I am looking forward to a great year!! I believe that the teachers (two in Olivia's classroom of ten and three in Leo's classroom of twelve) are very prepared. Leo's teachers really seem to be on it as far as communication with the parents, a routine for the kids, and a vision of how to do things. Olivia's teachers wrote on the first day that the class was record-breaking because NO ONE got upset on the first day. Lori and Amy said they are thrilled to have such a small and enthusiastic class (there are five classes of four year olds that meet on slightly different schedules), and feel that they can go far this year! Wow! Getting ready for Kindergarten!


  1. Boo on Leo's school for only letting him go two days a week! His class will settle down after another week and then he will too!
    Thanks for the great post. You guys are all so amazing!!!