Sunday, July 14, 2013

Indiana/Kentucky trip (Part 1: Grandpa Bill and Tamara)

Per the usual, I am late in getting out the blog post from our trip. Our first stop was to Grandpa Bill and Tamara's newly remodeled house with it's huge addition. I realize I didn't get any pictures of the kids in the big music room where Olivia and Leo spent most of their play time. But, I did get Leo with his main attraction: Pushy, the cat. Poor little Pushy!

This is Olivia on the first morning. The kids and I mostly got up earlier than everyone else because they were, as usual, the.worst.sleepers. They were even bad at baths and bedtimes this trip, which isn't usually such a problem. (Since we have been home, sleep has gotten better, and we have started a rewards chart for Olivia to take naps...because she NEEDS them!) But, they were happy most of the time during the days. 

Grandpa Bill went with our pack to the science center the day before the 4th, and Olivia made an awesome bubble!

The water play area was a favorite, too!

On our last evening with Grandpa and Tamara, we all got dressed for dinner in clean clothes after being outside in the garden in the afternoon. Bill made an outstanding dinner with the best pork tenderloin we have ever eaten! Olivia only wanted to make silly faces while I was taking pictures, but the pictures turned out pretty cute!

And each morning, I tried to usher the kids out of the house to go for walks or do some activity so that we wouldn't wake everyone else. On the last morning, we found this play area that Tamara and Bill's neighbor directed us to. Now we know where to go on those early mornings!

Unexpectedly, I was also able to visit with my friend Stacey, who was in town on an unplanned trip. Even under the not-so-great circumstances of meeting in a hospital, it was great to see her, and funny to watch Leo perform for her! Miss you, Stacey!

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  1. Minus the sleep issues, it looks like everyone had a great time! I love the picture on the stone steps and the giant bubble!