Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Indiana/Kentucky trip (Part 2: Mutti)

We had a great time spending time with Mutti, too! The kids made a fort and played:

Mutti bought them both a guitar, but only one is pictured here. They LOVED them!

Mutti also had play dough and little animals for the kids to play with. She has a whole bench full of toys just for them, which is super fun for them to get into!

Mutti swung Olivia over her head so much playing with her that I was totally amazed her arms didn't fall off! Olivia is 35 pounds!

Leo really liked the play dough!

On the Fourth of July, we went to Aunt Judy's for cousin Bella's birthday party. Judy got gifts for Olivia and Leo, too, which was super sweet!

Carly, Chris, and Bella

Judy and Olivia

Carly, Bella, Chris, and Mia

Bella with her presents!

Leo liked being strolled in the baby doll stroller.

Olivia "helped" Bella blow out the candle!

Uncle Chuck and GG!

Uncle Chuck and Leo checking out the toaster:

It was wonderful to get to visit with Mutti and the Haagas!


  1. Again it looks like you had a great time - lots of friends and family-time.

    Also - you cut your hair! I like the look, but I thought you were a pony-tail person in the summer time.

    1. Yep! My rule was that I had to want to cut my hair three nights in a row before I would actually do it. On the second night of this hair-cutting desire, I cut Leo's hair and Olivia's hair--just trimming the sides so it wouldn't get in her face all the time--and decided only wearing my hair in a pony tail is ridiculous for someone my age. So, I cut it. And I regret it, as usual! Ha! At least I didn't pay money for the cut!