Monday, July 22, 2013

Kentucky/Indiana Trip (Part 3: Aunt Stephanie)

We spent the last leg of our trip with my sister, Stephanie, and her family. The first night, we braved the heat and took the kids horse back riding at Mom and Dad's, even though they are living in ND right now. Steph and Brandon bought two old horses that are perfect for the little ones to ride on. They are taking care of the entire farm while Mom and Dad are gone, and I am thankful that they are there to do so. It is so nice to be able to share some of my childhood with Olivia and Leo. The horseback riding reminds me of the old horses we rode daily in the summer times growing up! Those summers from the time I was about eight to fifteen are vivid in my mind!

 Olivia, Abby, and Craig had a ball riding horses, and Stephanie was a wonderful hostess! Sorry for the bad pictures, but I only brought my phone.

This was the attempt to get a picture that looked like Olivia was riding by herself!

The little boys hung out in the stroller mostly, eating puffs...

And sharing water! Ha! This was Leo's idea!

But, actually, all the kids shared water. So, that night when Craig, Abby, Stephanie, and Brandon got a stomach bug, we knew it would just be days before we got it. Ugh. And we all did, except me, thankfully. Throw in a trip to the ER for Nicholas for a secondary infection he had, and we ended up staying a few extra days so that everyone could recover!!

We did do a few things, though! The kids went to VBS two nights when they were well:

We went to the pool. This is Leo trying to figure out why Luke is sitting next to him!

And we played a lot! The cousins get along amazingly well! Abby and Craig are so patient, helpful, and loving to my kids! I hope my two get along as well as Craig and Abby!

Here is Leo on the stairs from the basement to the main floor. He loved the stairs and got the hang of going down them, too!

We had a lot of play time...

in the basement

with trains...

cuddling time... Leo loved to plop on Craig and Abby!

We checked chickens, gathered eggs, and picked vegetables almost daily, too, which was fun for my city kids! Stephanie cooked dinner most nights, so I was off duty, which was a nice break for me.

Luke was adorable in his little play pen!

And we even got to celebrate Abby's 7th birthday on July 11 because we were delayed! Abby, the animal lover, got a beta fish and habitat for her birthday! We all went to Rural King that morning to get other farm things for her, too!

Setting up the fish tank

I don't know many 7 year old girls who would want to decorate their cake with farm animal figurines! Abby is so sweet!

Leo really enjoyed the cake and the visit!

I had a really great visit with Stephanie, too, since we were at home quite a bit and the kids played so well together! I miss her and am thankful that she lets us just come and stay whenever we want. I am thankful she lets me call as much as I do, too. What a wonderful thing it is to have sisters! I love both of mine so much, and hope one day we will all live a little closer so that all our babies can be close.


  1. I'm enjoying my sisters a lot more too, now that we all have kids together!!!
    I never thought about that aspect of combining sisters and kids, but there it is!

  2. I like the new blog background!

    Also, the pictures, though from the phone, turned out wonderfully. Despite the illnesses, it looks like the kids had fun.

    I agree - living a bit closer would be nice for the kids. Maybe one day.

  3. Great blog! I miss my sisters terribly - they both live in NC - so I feel your pain! :)

  4. Oh no! Can't believe that everyone ended up sick AND you had to make a trip to the ER :( Looks like the trip was great besides that though. I understand wanting to live closer to family too ... I've had that itch esp these last couple weeks.