Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy TEN Years to us!!

I usually don't post about Nicholas's and my dates, our trials, our triumphs, or our anniversaries. My thinking is that those things are between us and Nicholas is a private person. My family of origin never made a big deal of anniversaries, perhaps for obvious reasons. When I married Nicholas, his family (parents and grandparents) sent us cards on our anniversary, and I was surprised. But through the years, I realize what an important thing it is to really celebrate our anniversary--between the two of us, with our extended families, and with our kids because our anniversary really is the anniversary of our family beginning. And each year is something to be proud of, something to reflect on, something to remember. And it is something amazing and worthy of celebration.

Since we knew we wouldn't have a babysitter on July 4th due to our travels, we treated ourselves to a six hour date at the end of June. We had our favorite babysitter Caroline watch the kids while we did a matinee and then dinner at our favorite restaurant Evangeline's. Nicholas still didn't have leave to chew yet, but I had called ahead and they had dishes that could accomodate him. We had a really nice time, as we always do on our monthly date nights. I feel young to be out with Nicholas without the kids, and the amount of talking we get in without Olivia chatting us up is enormous!

We celebrated on the Fourth with Nicholas's extended family, and received cards and even some water bottles made of tin since that is the traditional ten-year gift.

I debated whether or not to post on Facebook, but I did eventually post:

 Ten years, four graduate degrees, one house, two babies, and one tenure promotion later, I love our perfectly imperfect life! Happy 10th Anniversary!

And I do! It feels like forever and it feels like yesterday that Nicholas and I said our vows and made this commitment to each other. Through ups and downs, unbelievably joyous wonders and heartbreaking moments, I'm so glad to be going through life with you, Nicholas.

On our anniversary date, Nicholas was already looking forward to the next ten years and what they will bring. I feel like we have packed so much into the first ten that just fostering what we have created so far will be enough. But, of course, there will be so much more, and I am excited to be meeting it together!


  1. 10 yrs is a big deal! So glad you guys got in a long, much-needed date to celebrate the occasion!

  2. I somehow missed this a few days ago. Congratulations! (I still feel odd about giving & receiving anniversary cards - sorry I never sent one to you two.)