Thursday, June 13, 2013


I am really so thankful for all the fun things there are do with Nicholas, Olivia, and Leo this summer, and I am even more grateful that I have the time to do them. I really lead a cherry life working part time and getting to spend the rest of my time with my family. It's not lost on me. Here are a few of our adventures of late:

The University's outdoor pool complex is fantastic! This is the first summer we are members, and here are some pictures from our first excursion, which lasted all of ten minutes because of storms that rolled in.

We drove over to Daddy's office thinking it might blow over and we could go back. Alas, that was not to be. Leo had fun in the rain, anyway!

I realize that I took no pictures on our good camera the past few weeks, so these were in my phone. If Olivia takes a nap in the afternoon, she and I have some special time while Leo starts his nap and then Leo and I have some special time because he wakes before her. Leo and I usually share a snack and then play some games: yogurt and hide-and-seek on this particular day!

We've since been back to the University pool twice now and had a great time! The slide is for people over 48 inches, so the kids haven't done it. But the baby pool has fountains and the big pool has a lazy river! I LOVE that the baby pool has huge canopies over it! Both kids love that pool! (We've been up to the pool in our neighborhood, too, and the kids have fun there, too!)


Olivia's best friend at school, Laura Kate, had her birthday party at the gymnastics place we go to and both kids had a great time Saturday. Nicholas went with us and was a huge help to our friends whose two kids are the same ages as our two and they are in the same classes at the Mom's Morning Out where Olivia and Leo go. (Notice the dads and little brothers are sitting at a little table in a corner!)

And Olivia started swim lessons on Monday. It went well for 15 minutes and then was a disaster. One of the other kids started kicking water in her eyes, and she just wanted me. And I am such a hover mom that I sat next to her and got her out. Then she wouldn't get back in. They suggested that she move down to the parent and child class, but that night she started feeling badly and had a pretty bad cold by the next morning. So, we kept her home from school Tuesday and called the swim school and rescheduled her classes until late July. That gives me over a month to stop being a hover mom. Probably not going to happen, but at least we can get Olivia more used to the water!

 This afternoon Leo took only a 45 minute nap and Olivia took none, so at 2:15 I decided we were going to check out this new play area called Tumblebus Station. It is just an air conditioned place to play, but my kiddos had a great time! Then we went to the library for new books and stopped by TCBY for yogurt since I had free coupons from taking them to the doctor a while back! We are all exhausted, and excited for more big days to come: The McWane Center tomorrow and a neighborhood party Saturday!


  1. Looks like you guys have been crazy busy having fun!!

  2. You're right; it isn't lost on you! You keep those kids active & always look like your having fun. :-)