Monday, June 3, 2013

School days

I just wasn't on my A-game in May with Nicholas recovering from his surgery, so I didn't post about the kids' last day of school on May 24th. They both had a water day at school with sprinklers, a jumpy house, and loads of last-day-of-school fun. It is almost unbelievable that my kiddos went from this on August 24th, 2012:

To this on May 24th, 2013:

Leo had a pizza party with the younger two's class, and he was totally confused about why Nicholas and I came to school. He was looking at us like, "What are you doing here? This is my turf!" TPP has been such a great place for Leo, especially from November to February when he had his hearing/ear problems and the women there held him for hours every day so that he wouldn't cry. Since then he has come into his own there, going from the infant room to the one's class, where he even attends Kindermusik and chapel with the other kids. He is SO loved there!

And to say that Olivia came out of her shell at school this year is an understatement! She used to cry and cling to me every time I dropped her off, but she has grown so independent and so smart thanks to her wonderful teachers and all the wonderful women there who love her. I love to hear her stories about her friends and her reasoning about how the world works! All her teachers adore her, as she does them!

The kids were out of school last week. It was awesome to have our more-than-fantastic babysitter Caroline come at eight AM three mornings so that I could go to work. It was like having a nanny! The kids weren't dressed some days and their lunches weren't fixed, but no problem! Caroline made crafts with Olivia each day. They acted out a book and made Bunny Money like Max and Ruby; they made a princess crown; and they made play dough snakes with intricate designs on the back and Olivia learned about snakes shedding their skin. Leo and Caroline worked on his talking using flash cards, sang songs about rolling balls and did that, and they all played in the backyard lots! So fun!

And now the kids are back in school for summer school. We're trying four mornings a week this summer to possibly transition to five in the fall. We'll see how it goes. I am hesitant about giving them up that much, but I really like my work, too. Today, I received these texts from the director of the preschool from during chapel: (They are poor quality, but you get the gist of it: Leo LOVES to dance!)

And just for fun, here is a little video of Olivia telling a potty joke:

And for the grandparents not on Facebook, here is one more video of Leo dancing the other morning when I was trying to get in 15 minutes of yoga:

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