Sunday, June 2, 2013

Oh, the things we say!!

I've been keeping a little list of the silly (cute, funny--even though I know they aren't quite as cute/silly/funny when they aren't your kids and you aren't there in person) things my kids say for a while now, and although so many never quite made it there because I just KNEW I would remember, here are some that did:


Conversation with Olivia in the car today:
Olivia: What did you say?
Me: I called Grandma Dorothy and left her a message.
Olivia: What did you say?
Me: I asked her to let me know what Grandpop Steve might like for Father' Day.
Olivia: Why?
Me: Because Grandpop Steve is my daddy.
Olivia: Are you sure he isn't Grandma Dorothy's daddy? She lives with him.
Me: No. Grandpop Steve is my daddy. When you grow up, you don't live with your parents anymore.
Olivia: (Face looking like she is going to cry.) I want to live with you. I don't want to leave.
Me: Don't worry, sweetie. You can live with me forever.
Olivia: And when I am a grown up, can I wear make-up out of the house?
Me: Yes, when you are a grown-up, you can wear make-up out of the house.
Olivia: Like when we are going to Chick-fil-a to play?
Me: Yes, of course!

One day when I was losing my patience with the kids because we were trying to get to school and they were not cooperating in brushing their teeth.
Me: Olivia, I am losing my patience. Look at me. Open your mouth.
Olivia: (With her hands up raised.) Here, Mommy, you can have my patience!

One morning before school when she dressed herself, she ran into the kitchen to tell me this:
Olivia: I got dressed all by myself and now I got to style my hair all by myself! (And then she ran to the bathroom and put a clip in the part line of her hair.)

One evening when she was talking to Nicholas about the princesses in her cupcake game:
Nicholas: Who do you like better, Belle or Cinderella?
Olivia: Cinderella is kind of classy. Belle is more fun!

All the time when Leo is being silly:
Olivia: Oh, silly brothers!!

When I am talking to Olivia while she is doing something else, she always has an excuse. Here's one from when she was playing her cupcake game and had some of her princess dolls out:
Olivia: I just can't listen because my princesses are being too loud!

And apparently we both run away with our imaginations:
Olivia: Why can't Leo climb over the couch?
Me: Because it is dangerous.
Olivia: What would happen?
Me: He could fall off the back and hit his head on the floor.
Olivia: And then we would have to go to the hospital and that would be terrible!


Leo is saying more all the time. I won't list all his words now as he repeats a lot and has a bunch. He understands even more, of course, and he will go get a bib from his room when I ask him to while I am fixing food for him. His funniest "talking" lately has been:

  • Picking up a pretend phone and saying "Hallow!"
  • Saying duck, duck, goose while we play.
  • Repeating Olivia's temper tantrum screams in his own funny voice.
  • Repeating Olivia when she says No.
  • Repeating "caboose" from one of his train books.
  • In one of his presently favorite books, Corduroy Goes to the Doctor, he takes a deep breath when the doctor asks Corduroy to.
  • Saying "Eekaboo" when we play Peekaboo.

My sweet kiddos are growing up, so I like to write down some of these little things that help me remember they are small!


  1. I'm glad you are writing these down! They are fun to read and are good for posterity.

  2. They will think it's fun to read these too when they are older :)