Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dear Diary, 12/22/2012 -- It's been a while!

Dear Diary,

It's been a while, and I haven't keep to my goal of writing at least once a week. Don't worry, I have several entries to catch up on. Nicholas has been in the process of backing up my computer so that he can take it in to have the hard drive replaced. Apparently, Apple recalled them, so I haven't had easy access lately. And life has been happening. Here are some random pictures before I get to a more pointed entry.

A favorite outdoor game came inside with the cold and rainy weather. Daddy agreed to "drag" the kids around the house!

Leo often joins Olivia in her toddler bed for story time. Nicholas went to get the camera when they were both sitting together and listening to the story. This is what he came back to.

I'm starting to learn how to use the camera Nicholas bought me for Christmas. I am so excited to be able to get action shot, close shots, and just plain better pictures! There is SO much to learn. I have a book and a video to get through before I'll feel familiar with it, I think. Here are two I took this week just practicing:

Olivia's night stand is filled with books and colors!

Trying to get an action shot in low light is difficult! Here's my dancer!

One fine day this week while Nicholas was home, I put Leo in the backpack like I always used to do with Olivia, and he loved it! While Olivia napped, I got so much done outside! I trimmed most of the bushes in front and majorly hacked back our roses on the side of the house. Leo did great!

Nicholas has been doing some of the things on my "Honey, Please do..." list this week, too. One thing was to change the tubes on the bike tires so that Leo and I can go for a spin sometimes. Leo wanted to help! My boys are so cute!

And on Thursday morning, we hit the mall and visited Santa. This was Olivia and Leo's first time, and Leo was not having it! Olivia did great and even brought Santa a letter. This Santa was really friendly and in character. He told Olivia that he would read the letter to Mrs. Claus!

And while I took Leo to the car to nurse, Nicholas and Olivia went on a train ride. Olivia loved it!


  1. I somehow missed this post. Very cute.

    You are right about action in low light. You should have had a side by side comparison with your old one though - I'm sure this is much better. Looking forward to more pictures.