Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat!

Dear Diary,

I am literally too tired to talk, but while I eat my bowl of cereal, I thought I would upload some pictures of the kids from yesterday--a cold morning at the playground and later that afternoon at the Christmas gathering that my mom friends had at the library.

I have got to get a better camera! Oh, wait, Nicholas bought me one for Christmas and it is AMAZING! It is guaranteed to be the best Christmas ever now...and I'll get it on film! I just have to learn to use it. In the mean time, you get the idea -- cute kids in warm clothes.

On the way there.

I swear Leo loves this baby swing, and giggles when I push him and make funny noises. But, alas, I have not captured his grin on camera yet. It will happen before the end of the winter, I am sure!

Olivia is getting so good on the swings! She used to be so afraid of going "high." Each day, she gets a little braver and has me push her a little higher, and each day, she learns to use her legs a little more. She is growing up! She likes for me to say that I am impressed with her. She will say, "Can you say, "Cinderella, I'm impressed you are swinging so high!"?"

At the Christmas gathering at the library, the kids had a good time playing. Sort of. Olivia got pushed by two other kids and their moms didn't say anything to them. Weird. There was a cookie exchange, though, and the cookies were fantastic. And a gift exchange. You can see Olivia with her Snow Fun activity book and Leo got a little "Tiny" doll.

After attempting some yoga, Olivia decided she wanted to do the activity book with Daddy. Leo spotted me and headed my way!

The gingerbread house we made Sunday evening (I think). Olivia loves eating the candy and decorating, and I love just buying the kit to make this instead of baking it myself! This one isn't half bad considering I was holding fussy Leo the whole time!


  1. I love Olivia's cape - too cute! And boo to those mom's who stood by as their children were misbehaving. Perhaps Olivia is too young for A Child's Machiavelli, but you never know. After breaking the first kid's tooth, other's wouldn't push her around.

    Also, the ginger bread house turned out very well, especially with a little helper on your lap.

  2. You had the cutest kids at the party!! And I think that I need to take some style tips from Olivia ... she is totally rocking the poncho and leggings :)