Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Pennas came to town! Hooray!

Dear Diary,

It is happening! The Pennas came to town, and the kids played together enough so that we actually could have a little visit! It was awesome! They stopped by on their way to see their family for the holidays in Dallas. We had dinner together and the kids played while the adults got some visiting time! Olivia and Christopher are just six months apart, and Olivia was pretty ready to play with both boys, which I attest to this year at school. The boys were super well behaved for just having spent five and a half hours in a car. I see lots of visiting time in our future! We love the Pennas! Thanks for stopping, Juliet and Tony!


  1. It's always good when I play date goes so well! We wish we lived closer, but I'm glad we get to see each other when we do! As the kids all get older, it will get easier to meet in the middle!

  2. Fun! I wish we lived closer so we could visit too!