Wednesday, September 12, 2012

These kids are growing up!

Leo is flying higher on the infant swings than Olivia goes on the big girl swings. (That's okay with me. Then I don't worry! I love my cautious girl!)

Olivia is starting to "swing" on the bar before going down the slide, though.

And, of course, she "helps" me mop!

Leo's top two teeth cut the gums this past weekend. Now he is eating "real" solid food!

And stealing big sister's toys by CRAWLING over to them! Yes, I said it. It's official. He crawled five moves today on the floor--belly off the floor, coordinated knee and hand moves. Watch out, Mommy!

And Leo is sitting up so well now that he can go on wagon rides! He LOVES the wagon, and Olivia gets a kick out of having him in there, too!


  1. Awwww! The babies are growing up!

  2. double wagon rides are the best!!!! I remember doing those with the kids once abby was big enough too. such great memories!

  3. It's so great when they start being mobile on their own, particularly baby number 2. Even with all the childproofing needs, I was so glad to not to have to carry Christopher all the time!