Sunday, September 23, 2012

The last pool day

I am so behind with blogging that this post is actually from last Sunday. The four of us made what will probably be the last trek to the neighborhood pool this summer. The evenings are getting too cool and the water is getting too chilly for swimming. But last Sunday afternoon was warm, and we swam in the little pool. Olivia was excited about learning to use the water gun herself, but showed amazing restraint not squirting the rest of us.

Leo is standing so well and the water level was so low, that he had a good time standing and watching Olivia play.

Leo continues to do well with his straw cup and his sippy cup. Here he looks pretty proud of himself.

When I ask Olivia to smile, this is what she does. This is obviously not her smile. I think I need to stop asking her to smile and just try to make her laugh instead!

This is a not very exciting video of Olivia squirting the water gun. It just shows what a cautious sweetheart she is. I get the feeling that Leo is not going to be so careful!

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