Saturday, September 15, 2012

Being active and loving the cooler weather!

Leo beginning to crawl made me realize that if I am going to contain him, I have to start now! Since our open floor plan isn't conducive to gates, I've decided to take my mother's advice and introduce the pack-n-play for daily use. I have it right outside the kitchen door to the dining room where he and I can see each other when I am making dinner or putting away dishes. So far, so good!! Even Olivia has volunteered to get in with him and play! Now that is a small miracle! (That only lasted about three minutes, but still!)

And here is a small sample of Leo's crawling. He is slow and the crawling is only for the first 15 seconds, but I think in the next couple of weeks he is going to take off!

And the advent of cooler weather has brought all of us outside a lot more lately. Olivia is loving her tricycle and even pushing herself with the pedals. I think we are going to look into a balance bike. The Germans in the neighborhood have their little ones on these things super early, and not to be outdone... Haha! But, really...

And Leo enjoys putting around in his walker while big sister is on the tricycle. He can actually make this thing go, which Olivia had trouble with at his age. Notice that Leo is sticking out his tongue. He's doing that a lot lately because of his teeth, I think. He is also grinding his teeth together, which is an odd sound coming from a baby.

In other news, school continues to go well for both kids. Olivia does Kindermusik on Mondays, CompuChild on Wednesdays, and a gymnastics class on Fridays. Her recounts of days events are hilarious. For example, "Greta brought a magic wand for show and tell!" and "Miss Erin says, "Oh, my stars!"" or "I would not sit down at lunch time, so I got a time out." I am really impressed with Olivia's teacher Miss Erin. She has a curriculum for the kids. Their first unit was on friends, family, the letter F, and the numbers 1-4. Now they are working on a fall unit. Olivia learned the Months of the Year song, and here she is singing it after her bath tonight while she watched football.

Leo won't take a bottle at school at all now, which is okay because he can get enough solid foods to sustain him. They say he has a sweet little personality there--happy to look at and interact with the younger babies. I'm so glad they both are doing well there!


  1. I love:

    1. Leo's little muscle shirt in the second pic.
    2. How Leo "revs" back and forth before crawling.
    3. Olivia's pose in the bike pic.
    4. Olivia singing the Months of the Year song!

    Cuteness overload!!!

  2. I have to agree about the cuteness overload. The kids look happy, healthy, and full of life. Keep up the good work!