Monday, March 19, 2012

Saturday, Sunday, Monday

Walking from Steph's to Grandma's house. I had Leo in the car seat instead of the Bjorn because he always falls asleep in the Bjorn.

While I was walking with Leo to make him happy, this was my view of the kids and Steph at the creek.

Olivia throwing sticks to the dogs in the creek.

Walking from Grandma's house to Mom and Dad's with cousins. So cute! Abby wanted to wear her bikini, and Steph decided it was a fight not worth fighting, so Abby wore it.

Sitting in front of the special chicks that Grandma bought for Craig, Abby, Olivia, and Leo.

Standing in front of the little chicks. Too bad I didn't get pictures a few weeks ago of them before they started getting their feathers. When they were really cute!

Walking to the hen house where Grandma keeps the baby chicks.

Olivia closing the gate to the chickens. She's so proud of herself!


Olivia having a tea party on Mom and Dad's deck on Sunday before lunch. Mom and Abby were with her for a while, but she continued when everyone else came in.


Having a picnic on Steph's deck. Olivia was swatting a bee.

Craig took a picture of me with Leo.

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  1. Love all the pics! And glad to see you in a couple too ... looking beautiful as always :) Miss you!