Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The last day at Aunt Stephy's house

We had such a good stay with Stephanie, Brandon, Craig, and Abby. Olivia learned to love cows, chickens, horses, and rabbits in a short five weeks. We enjoyed the farm, the outdoors, and the company. The last day was emotional for me. Here are some of the fun things we did.

Stephanie found a pond slider turtle and put it in Grandpa's truck bed for the kids to look at and play with.

Abby and Craig got rabbits: Salt and Pepper. The way Olivia says Pepper is adorable. And Aunt Stephanie let Olivia believe that Pepper was Olivia's. She loved it!

Checking on the cows who just got let out to pasture for the first time this spring. They were so happy to have that clover! You'll see in the foreground that a lot of us were outside watching. Uncle Wilson, Aunt Beki, Christopher, Madeline, Bill, and Jackson came out for dinner, too. It was wonderful to see everyone!

Giving Grandpa some sugar.

Olivia and Aunt Stephy! Olivia asks about her every day now.

Playing with Abby and the turtle.

Laying in the grass and dandelions. Beautiful!

Riding in the Kubota with Brandon, Grandpa, and Jackson.


  1. Such great photos! I feel like I can really see Olivia's personality coming through. Love the Ringo cameos too :)

  2. I absolutely adore that photo of your dad and Olivia! So sweet.