Sunday, March 4, 2012

How they grow!

I haven't talked about Leo enough. He is a joy and a great baby. He is already batting at objects on his mobile, lifting his head with moderate control, cooing, and simply being sweet. He is still a grazer when it comes to eating, and it is still challenging to feed him and pump in under 40 minutes while entertaining Olivia, but it is getting easier I have several quarts of milk in the freezer now, so supply is not an issue. He likes to eat every 2 hours or so, though. I am trying to get him to space it out. He went four hours between feedings a few nights ago. Awesome! He continues to mostly sleep at night, waking every 2-3 hours to eat.

Leo's first tummy time...and he tried to roll over!

Olivia has quite the imagination these days, with Craig and Abby's help, of course. Today she was a sick pirate and needed medicine--water from a syringe, she rode a dragon--Brandon's home gym, she made Mommy dinner in her kitchen--fries and hot tea, burped her baby--Minnie Mouse, and danced and danced--saying, "Go, Mommy!" to get me to sing.

Hanging out in te basement when bad weather swept the area:

Painting and watching:

Just being cute:


  1. My kids were 21 months apart. We had a special box with a special snack for feeding times. Its tough I know!

  2. That's almost exactly how far apart Olivia and Leo are. Olivia has been doing really well, given how this has been thrust on her. I do hope I can get Leo to space out the feedings, though, so that there are fewer during Olivia's waking hours.